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Core Services

 Our key team members bring a wealth of experience working in different regions and with well-established contractors. This diverse experience is a key advantage in delivering the highest quality product to each client. When part of a project we integrate our experience and services into the planning, project management, and field operations. We work best when challenged with the most complex problems our industry has to offer. Our core services by client type are listed below.



Digital Construction Strategy Development and Implementation

  • Education and Training

    • Construction Managers, and Facility Managers

  • BIM Execution Planning

  • Coordination Guidelines 

    • Prefabrication

    • Documentation

    • Building Lifecycle

  • Facility Maintenance and asset management planning


Coordinated Design Development

  • Constructability assessment

  • Design support

  • Model driven analytics and calculation

  • Procurement for equipment (long lead items)

  • Process automation tools


General Contractors

Trade / Design Coordination Management

  • Clash detection and accountability

  • Issue tracking

  • Design/Trade contractor collaboration

  • Meetings

  • VDC Scheduling

  • Construction schedule visualization

Self Perform Scope Delivery

  • Critical Framing

  • Multi-Trade Prefabrication

  • Site Utilities (Wet/Dry)

  • Concrete

  • Robotic Total Station Layout

  • 3D scanning

Specialty Contractors

  • Modeling Support

  • Planning & Layout

  • Prefabrication

  • Automation of Modeling workflows

  • Tracking & Metrics

    • Submittals

    • Modeling progress

    • Fabrication

    • Field Deliverables

  • Robotic Total Station Layout

  • 3D scanning

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